“Unilever Investigated In UK Over Environmental Impact Claims of Dove & Other Household Products – A Wall Street Journal Report”

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Unilever’s Environmental Claims Under Fire: U.K. Regulator Investigates Soap and Health Product Manufacturer

The U.K. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched an investigation into environmental claims made by multinational consumer products corporation Unilever. As part of a potential wide-ranging crackdown on consumer products companies engaging in “greenwashing”, the CMA has begun to scrutinize certain essential products, such as household cleaners and toiletries.

The Potential Impact of the Unilever Investigation

As the largest consumer goods company in the world, Unilever has made extensive commitments to reduce its impact on the environment. While the investigation is unconnected to other CMA probes, such as its recent antitrust action against Facebook, it has the potential of being an important milestone in the global effort to ensure companies accurately and transparently disclose their environmental impact.

What the CMA Is Assessing in Its Probe

The CMA has initiated a formal investigation into the company’s environmental disclosures with regards to a “number” of its products, to determine whether Unilever has represented itself accurately. These range from toiletries to household cleaners, amongst others. The CMA will assess the accuracy of any claims and evaluate whether these disclosures could mislead consumers.

What To Expect From the Investigation

Given the scope of the investigation, as well as the potential penalties, it could be months before the CMA’s findings and decisions are made public. Should the CMA determine that Unilever has made erroneous or misleading disclosures, the company could face millions of euros in fines and other penalties.


The CMA’s investigation into Unilever’s environmental claims could have important implications for consumer products companies across the globe. By focusing on the accuracy of environmental claims about essential products, the CMA is at the forefront of the ongoing effort to address greenwashing amongst corporations. With potentially millions of euros in penalties at stake, this will certainly be a case to follow.

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